MixxLife Introduces a New Guide Book,

‘A New Revelation’ by Brandice Sills-Payne

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – “A New Revelation” (published by WestBow Press) is author Brandice Sills-Payne’s response to God’s call. A fresh take on God speaking and meeting believers where they are while bringing them into the abundance he offers, the book speaks with specificity and understandable, plain language.

As a daily guide, “A New Revelation” reveals God’s love, plan and instruction for life. It is meant to help lead readers down a path of purpose and, ultimately, to God.

A Note from the Author

“I want people to be newly activated in their spirit when reading this book,” Sills-Payne says. “The Holy Spirit is so alive within these pages and there is so much revelation and knowledge in these words. If you’re reading this book with intention, or skimming it for insight or inspiration, the outcome is the same. You cannot read this book and remain the same.”


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In order to fully support a relationship with God, MixxLife was born. We promote an intimate, personal relationship with God by teaching others to develop their ear to hear His voice and instruction. We emphasize the development and strengthening of the spirit through effective prayer, spending time in His presence and asking His Holy Spirit to reveal truth and guidance in identifying and nurturing our spiritual gifts. 

MixxLife affirms all Christians and supports all who seek intimate relationship with Jesus, regardless of sexual orientation or identity.

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